One Simple Tip To Increase Your Productivity

by Dean Palibroda in


The simplest and fastest way to increase your productivity starting right now is to decrease the amount of artificial background noise in your day. 

What the hell am I talking about? 

I’m referring to music, TV, podcasts or audiobooks that are running in the background when we’re doing seemingly mundane tasks like taking a shower, doing the dishes, cooking, going for a walk, waiting in a line, etc. 

We have these things on to distract our minds or try and multi-task and consume content, tricking ourselves into thinking we’re doing a good thing.

In reality multi-tasking never works.

We think we’re being productive but we’re robbing ourselves the opportunity for our minds to wonder and be creative — some of my best ideas have come in the shower or well doing the dishes. 

When you eliminate this stuff and work in silence, you’ll get things done faster, more effectively and give your mind some space to be creative or to simply be present to what you’re doing. 

One thing I’ve found interesting in when I’m doing mundane task in silence, my mind automatic goes into problem solving mood and starts trying to come up with solutions to problems in my life. 

Take me up on this, seriously. You’ll be shocked at how fast and how much more creative you are by simply eliminating all this noise.