5 Daily 5-minute Habits That Will Change Your Life

by Dean Palibroda in


Here’s a list of 5 daily habits that take only 5 minutes to do that I’ve found have a dramatic impact on my emotional, logical, physical and spiritual health based on the time investment.

They’re also habits that can be done back-to-back, which makes forming them that much easier.

Pick one of the daily habits and do it for 14 days in a row and then add another until you’re doing all five daily practices.

1. Meditation. Even at just 5 minutes a day meditation can make a huge difference on how you feel emotionally and logically throughout the day.

I like to view meditation as practice for later in the my day when I’m bound to encounter trials and tribulations and can use the ability to quiet the mind.

I often use an app called Headspace when I meditate. It’s a great tool to get started.

2. The 5-Minute Journal. It’s a physical journal that you write in twice daily that asks you a series of 5 questions. In the morning you answer three questions regarding things you’re grateful for, your upcoming day and one affirmation. In the evening, the questions are based on reflection. I love this journal because it’s a actual physical product.

I’m staring at screens all day and it’s nice to start and end my day by writing. It also forces me to acknowledge what I’m grateful for, which I often forget to do, and plan and reflect so I continue to make progress in my life.

3. Write 10 ideas a day. I was introduced to this by James Altucher, best selling auther and host of a couple great podcasts. You simply write out 10 ideas. Could be about business you could start, books you could write or maybe apps you could develop.

By writing 10 ideas a day, you’re building your idea muscle and practicing being creative which in todays world is a necessary skill for just about any job. You can just go crazy and write 10 general ideas, or have a theme for the day.

James and his wife Claudia, wrote a book called, Become An Idea Machine about the process and tools for getting start.

4. Drink a green concoction each day. Every morning right after I get up, I have what I call, "My Green Concoction". I start with pouring 750 ml of cold water into a BPA free plastic shaker cup. Next, as a form of nutritional insurance, I add 1 serving of greens powder. I use different brands most days so I get a variety of different vitamins and antioxidants that different companies put in their products. Reference my recommendations page for specific companies I like. I then add some type of sea vegetable powder so I get things like chlorella and spirulina, which are great antioxidants that aren’t typically in regular greens formulas.

This is the basic concoction, and then over time I’ve experimented adding turmeric, ginger, marine phytoplankton liquid extracts which all have great health benefits. I have to warn you that this doesn’t taste good - but who cares, that’s not why you're drinking it. It’s to promote long term health.

5. Plan your day. This allows you to have a map to refer to as you move throughout the day to make sure you’re being productive. I plan my day in detail as part of a ritual I do before I go to bed and then refer to the plan in the morning and make any necessary adjustments.